Walking Trails in Chicago- a COVID-19 Friendly Activity

As we enter into the fall season, the activities people can do and practice social distancing are limited. However, walking trails seem to be a social distancing alternative for those that desire a time of leisure.

Illinois Gov. J.B Pritzker had issued the closure of indoor dining last October, limiting the number of activities people can do. While COVID-19 cases appear to be rising in numbers, many officials advise people to stay home.

While Illinois experiences its final hot days before the winter season, walking on trails seem to be a good alternative to dining in. While hiking on trails offers a good form of exercise, its outdoor setting makes it a viable excursion for those wanting to practice social distancing.

Chicago offers several Forest Preserves and Urban Trails located all throughout the city, most of them being free. While the final hottest days of the fall season continue, check out this GoogleMyMap that highlights some of the most popular hiking trails in the city.



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