VN video of the Harlem Irving Plaza(Video by Natali Perez and Andrea Vazquez)

Neighborhood Mall Harlem Irving Plaza Experiences Depreciation in Public Traffic

Bus Stop Access Points for the Harlem Irving Plaza. (GoogleMap By Andrea Vazquez)
Satellite view of the Harlem Irving Plaza. (Google Earth By Natali Perez)
Mall shopper stops by one of the hand sanitizer dispensers (Video By Andrea Vazquez)
Outdoor dining area with its chairs up because of closure. (Photo/ Natali Perez)
Outdoor dining area during closure. (Photo By Natali Perez)
Vacant Food Court at the Harlem Irving Plaza (Photo By Natali Perez)
A sign posted about the arrival of Hobby Lobby at the HIP. (Photo By Andrea Vazquez)
Upper view of Santa’s picture display on Black Friday weekend. (Photo By Andrea Vazquez)
Mandee’s associate interview clip. (audio by Natali Perez)



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Andrea Vazquez

Andrea Vazquez

Communications student at the University of Illinois-at Chicago. Check out more publications and more information at @andreavazqu_ on Twitter.