Chicago Plans to Move to Phase 1C as the city makes progress in vaccinations

Chicago continues to give vaccines throughout the city and residents continue to endlessly search for an appointment.

With the opening of United Center as a mass distribution site, Chicago continues to make progress in distributing COVID-19 vaccines throughout the city. The site had targeted the highest-hit areas of the city. Officials worked with community workers and programs to help residents from these neighborhoods register for an appointment.

The site was specifically chosen for its accessibility and location in the West side of Chicago, according to Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

According to Chicago Public Health Officials, the city plans to move into the next vaccination phase by the end of the month. This correlates with President Biden’s plan to open up vaccination requirements to all adults by May 1. If all goes as planned, the country could be considered “almost normal” by the Fourth of July.

However, the city has reached only 10 percent in vaccinations completed. The new phase is set to include people aged 65–74 years, people aged 16–64 with underlying health conditions, and other essential workers.

Chicago residents can use the “Chicago Vaccine Finder” page to see if their eligible to get the vaccine and where to make an appointment.

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